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Learn how to take better care of your car. Read on for maintenance and car care tips.

Have it serviced

Have your car serviced regularly, the Federal Trade Commission says. Paying for preventive maintenance can do a lot to make your car perform better and last longer. If you want your vehicle to be in tip-top shape for years to come, then preventive maintenance is a must.

Spring for repairs

Nip problems in the bud. As soon as you see signs of trouble, get your car to a service center you trust and spring for repairs. That’s going to keep your car in excellent driving condition.

Shop for parts

Auto repairs can be more frequent and will end up costing you more, if you don’t use original manufacturer’s parts. If the parts are worn down or damaged, then you’ll need to shop around for quality genuine Audi replacements parts.

Look for a warranty

Lifetime Audi [...]

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