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About Lifetime Audi Parts

When it comes to used Audi car parts, there is no better place to purchase them from than Lifetime Audi Parts. Located in Durham, North Carolina, Lifetime Audi is a licensed recycler exclusive to the late model Audi Cars. We dismantle and warehouse all the important parts, insuring you of the highest quality and availability of used Audi parts. We also offer the only FREE lifetime warranty in the business on every used Audi car part purchased from us.
Due to our unique business model, focusing only on Audi Parts, our team are experts and highly knowledgeable when it comes to all things Audi. From our friendly and helpful experienced staff to our fast and reliable nationwide shipping, Lifetime Audi Parts is the place to get all of used Audi parts.

Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Yes you have read it correctly! All used Audi parts purchased from Lifetime Audi Parts Inc. are covered with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. We guarantee quality parts for as long as you own your car.


Audi Wheels
Audi Engines
Audi Transmissions
Audi Exterior Parts
Audi Interior Parts
Audi Radios & Components
Audi Headlights
Audi Tail Lights
and More!


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