Audi A3

Designer David Caffrey
Body and chassis
ClassCompact car / Small family car (C)
Layouttransverse front engine, front-wheel drive or quattro on-demand four-wheel drive
PlatformVolkswagen Group A platform Volkswagen Group MQB platform

The A3 Series: Audi’s Family Vehicles

A sleek and stylish family car, the Audi A3 series offers more than just a smooth appearance. It boasts the same power and reliability that Audi is known for, but remains a sturdy and comfortable family car. The A3 series was first manufactured in 1996 and has remained a staple in Audi’s line since.

The series has undergone three generational releases, with each new version of vehicles spotlighting various improvements to the series’ performance and appearance. The latest generation, released in 2012, features multi-collision brakes, adaptive cruise control, and side assist, to name a few. The third generation A3 series received a five-star rating for safety, further exemplifying Audi’s talent for manufacturing safe, reliable vehicles.

Each generation has undergone a series of “facelifts” for their designs over the years. The facelifts consist of modifying a car’s design to make it look a little sharper and more modern. Because of these cosmetic modifications, Audi cars have remained classics, desirable not only for their power and dependability but their silhouettes as well.

Of course, every good, dependable car hits its need for maintenance at some point. And to maintain that reputation of safety, power, and reliability, it’s important to make sure your car is working at peak performance. That’s why we at Lifetime Audi Parts, Inc offer used Audi A3 series parts. We want to make sure your vehicle runs as efficiently as it possibly can, and we want to offer you the benefits of buying replacement parts used.

It’s inevitable that your car will need maintenance in its lifetime. Even a multi-award-winning vehicle like those in Audi’s A3 series will need repairs. And because all Audi vehicles are manufactured in Germany, those European parts can be difficult and expensive to come by. Buying used Audi A3 parts can save you money, and with our lifetime warranty on all of our parts, you know you’re buying from a reputable source. We exclusively recycle Audi vehicles, which gives us access to a wide range of various parts, as well as a wealth of knowledge about all things Audi.

Whether you fix up cars yourself or you own a beloved A3 series vehicle, Lifetime Audi Parts, Inc has what you need. Our inventory of parts ranges from headlights to engines to transmissions, and even interior parts. Check out our range of parts today, and let us help you find what you need.

Petrol engines

NameTypeEngine codeOutput@rpmTorque@rpm0–100 km/h,sTop speedYears
1.6 8v1,595 cc (97 cu in) I4AEH/AKL/APF101 PS (74 kW; 100 hp) @5600 rpm145 N·m (107 lb·ft) @3800 rpm11.0 s188 km/h (117 mph)1996–2000
1.6 8v1,595 cc (97 cu in) I4AVU/BFQ102 PS (75 kW; 101 hp) @5600 rpm148 N·m (109 lb·ft) @3800 rpm10.9 s189 km/h (117 mph)2000–2003
1.8 20v1,781 cc (109 cu in) I4AGN/APG125 PS (92 kW; 123 hp) @6000170 N·m (125 lb·ft) @42009.6 s202 km/h (126 mph)1996–2003
1.8 20vT1,781 cc (109 cu in) I4 turboAGU/ARZ/ARX/AUM150 PS (110 kW; 148 hp) @5700210 N·m (155 lb·ft) @1750–46008.2 s217 km/h (135 mph)1996–2003
1.8 20vT1,781 cc (109 cu in) I4 turboAJQ/APP/ARY/AUQ180 PS (132 kW; 178 hp) @5500235 N·m (173 lb·ft) @1950–50007.5 s228 km/h (142 mph)1999–2003
1.8 20vT (S3)1,781 cc (109 cu in) I4 turboAPY, AMK210 PS (154 kW; 207 hp) @5800270 N·m (199 lb·ft) @21006.8 s238 km/h (148 mph)1999–2001
1.8 20vT (S3)1,781 cc (109 cu in) I4 turboBAM225 PS (165 kW; 222 hp) @5900280 N·m (207 lb·ft) @22006.6 s243 km/h (151 mph)2001–2003

Diesel engines

NameTypeEngine codeOutput@rpmTorque@rpm0–100 km/h,sTop speedYears
1.9 8v TDI1,896 cc (116 cu in) I4 turboAGR/ALH90 PS (66 kW; 89 hp) @4000210 N·m (155 lb·ft) @190012.4 s181 km/h (112 mph)1996–2001
1.9 8v TDI1,896 cc (116 cu in) I4 turboATD/AXR100 PS (74 kW; 99 hp) @4000240 N·m (177 lb·ft) @1800–240011.0 s188 km/h (117 mph)2001–2003
1.9 8v TDI1,896 cc (116 cu in) I4 turboAHF/ASV110 PS (81 kW; 108 hp) @4150235 N·m (173 lb·ft) @190010.5 s194 km/h (121 mph)1997–2000
1.9 8v TDI1,896 cc (116 cu in) I4 turboASZ130 PS (96 kW; 128 hp) @4000310 N·m (229 lb·ft) @19009.2 s205 km/h (127 mph)2000–2003
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